A Christmas Gift That Will Last All Year

By December 21, 2017News

“For somehow, not only at Christmas, but all the long year through, the joy that you give to others, is the joy that comes back to you.”

~ John Greenleaf Whittier

As you consider how you and your family might be able to give this year, there is a way you can give that will have a long and lasting impact at Agape. Our horses make all the difference here. They teach our riders about life – how to work together, how to be respectful, how to share, how to trust, how to communicate, how to have boundaries, how to lead, how to be strong, how to have courage, and the list of lessons goes on and on. There are about 22 horses that served nearly 2,000 participants this year and provided over 7,000 lessons. That is a deep and wide reach of impact across central Indy. It goes without saying that without horses, Agape would not exist.

Pretty Boy loves his buddy Boston.

There are 3 ways you can give towards the care of our horses who care for our riders in return. When you give to supporting our horses, you also give to supporting our riders, families, partners, and volunteers. It is a gift that will last all year long.

  1. Adopt-A-Horse – it costs approximately $4,600 each year to care for each horse at Agape. Choosing to sponsor an Agape horse for 6 months ($1,500) or 1 year ($3,000) helps provide much needed support for that horse including veterinary needs, farrier work, hay, grain, and supplements. We need to have 6 horses adopted before the end of this year. Below are horses that are currently available for adoption. Our Adopt-a-horse page provides more information for you about this giving opportunity.
  2. Donate – we are beyond grateful and blessed that Agape continues to grow and serve more and more people every year. However, as our herd naturally ages and our services expand, so does our need to add horses to our team that are healthy and strong. It is our intent to be able to purchase 5-7 horses by mid-2018 with the average cost of a suitable horse for our program being between $3,500-5,000. Therefore, we are striving to raise $30,000 for purchasing horses for our team. If you, or someone you know, would be interested in giving towards the purchase of a horse for Agape, we would be so grateful.
  3. Buckets and Bales – maybe you would rather help support all of our horses and the care for them. Making a donation towards buckets of grain and bales of hay helps our entire herd and in turn serves all of our riders.

You can help make a deep and far-reaching impact in our community that will last all year long through supporting the care of our horses.



Littlefoot is a Paint and he has been at Agape for 10 years. Here is what one of Littlefoot’s riders had to say about him, He is very gentle and kind. I like him a lot. I was scared of horses before I met Littlefoot but I am not afraid anymore. He is sometimes goofy but I wouldn’t have him any other way. He looks cool too.”


Domino at the Mane Event

Domino is a gentle giant Percheron that has been serving riders at Agape since 2015. His size commands a room and his personality captures everyone in the barn. One of Domino’s riders made this special video.


Dolly during a “Glamour Shots” photo shoot

Dolly is a Quarter Horse buckskin and she has been serving at Agape since 2010. She is a beautiful horse with a gentle and endearing temperament. This is what one rider had to say about Dolly:

“When I first came to Agape Dolly was the first horse I came up to and there was an instant connection. She’s helped me through a lot of rough times. She helps me to stay calm and pay attention. She is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. It’s been my dream to have a connection with a horse and ride one so I am happy and grateful to have Dolly in my life.” ~Rider

One of Dolly’s riders even made a special video for you.



Dusty is a 17 year-old Grade gelding who joined the Agape herd earlier this year. His riders have quickly connected with Dusty and have grown stronger through partnering with him. This is what one parent says about Dusty’s impact on her daughter:

“She first started to ride and was slouched and bouncy. She had very pour posture and was weak in strength. Over the months that she has been riding she is now sitting nice and tall. She has grown in strength and confidence. Krosley is shy and timid in nature. Her horse is making her feel more Brave. She is trying more with him. Dusty is making her feel like she CAN do things instead of she Can’t. He has really helped her build confidence in herself and her abilities. She can be a leader and does not have to be a follower and she is starting to have that confidence thanks to Dusty. Thank you Dusty for being there for Krosley to make her feel more secure in her everyday world and let her know that she CAN do things and is STRONG! She builds more strength everyday!!” ~ Parent

We also had a rider make a special video about Dusty that you can watch.

Atty loving the magic of Christmas

Atty is one of the newest members of the Agape herd but she is already making an impact. One rider said, Atty has helped me to be better and helpful and kind.  She helps me to calm down and be nice. I love her because she is nice and helpful.”

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy is a 16-year old Grade horse who joined Agape earlier this year. He came to Agape from a local horse rescue farm and has fallen in love with his new job and home here at Agape. Riders quickly fall in love with Pretty Boy.

Here is what one parent had to say about how Pretty Boy has impacted her daughter, “Annie was having a particularly rough time. She was losing several molars at once and had just gone through a huge transition to a new school. She was on sensory and emotional over load. The day we met Pretty Boy, he just knew. Annie chose to get on backwards and ride laying down so she could feel the motion of the horse on her body. Pretty Boy patiently and lovingly allowed this!! I saw my little one smile for the first time that day and when her lesson was over, she was calm and happy. Pretty Boy has got my girl and we couldn’t be happier!!!”

Here is a video from one of Pretty Boy’s riders made specially for you.

Randi receiving hugs during Special Olympics.

Randi is a beautiful Mustang who came to Agape 11 years ago. Randi has touched thousands of lives during her time at Agape and she is a very special horse. Here is what our families have to say about Randi –

“Randi has helped me learn how to ride and use the reins. I got a special saddle that helps me sit up and ride without someone holding me up. It is comfortable and Randi does not mind wearing the saddle. Randi is awesome and she is a mustang! She listens to me and does what I tell her to do.” ~Rider

“This rider has been riding here for a few years. She has multiple doctor’s appointments throughout the year. Her mom has told us that this rider’s primary concern at each appointment is whether or not she can continue riding, and even more specifically if she will continue to be able to hold the reins. Until we were able to find the adaptive saddle, many side-walkers were needed, and Randi has walked steadily on without resistance to the many humans that interfere with her natural movement. The new saddle has enabled us to take away side-walkers, but because of the structure of the saddle it is not something just any horse would put up with. Randi does…she never missed a beat. We trust Randi with our most involved riders, and she walks on.” ~ Agape Staff

“I have learned that even if you are small, you can be the biggest. She has helped me do things I have never done before.” ~Rider



Bo is an Appaloosa that has been with Agape since 2016. Bo takes good care of his riders and pushes them to be all that they were intended to be. One parent said this of Bo:

“We are in love with Bo!  My son had to switch horses and the first time he saw Bo he was sooooo excited to see a ‘polka dot horse’! He jumped and laughed! No has been especially patient with Ben. Ben is still a little nervous about being by the horse’s head. I have watched him grow closer to Bo and lead him. Bo just gives him gentle eyes and love. We are so very thankful for Bo’s patient nature and gentle spirit. He has taught Ben so much!” ~Parent of a Rider

Another rider made a video for you about Bo.

If you are interested in making a difference through sponsoring an Agape horse this year, Amanda Bocik or any one on our team can assist you.


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