Agape Brackets for Good

TEAM AGAPE is in it to WIN it!!! #BFG18 #unbridledhoops

We are thrilled to announce that Agape has been chosen as a competitor in the 2018 Brackets for Good Tournament! During this one-of-a-kind event, Agape will compete against 63 other nonprofits in the Indianapolis area for a shot at the title of Champion and an additional $10,000 grand prize donation.

TIP OFF: March 2, 2018 @ 8pm

Tournament Calendar (each round ends at 7:59:59PM):

  • First Round: 3/2 – 3/9
  • Second Round: 3/9 – 3/16
  • Supported Sixteen: 3/16 – 3/23
  • Engaged Eight: 3/23 – 3/30
  • Philanthropic Four: 3/30 – 4/3
  • Championship: 4/3 – 4/6

Picture the annual NCAA Men’s College Basketball tournament, but replace the teams with nonprofit organizations. Agape advances to the next round by raising more money than our opposition. We earn points as donors visit BracketsForGood and donate to Agape. Every dollar donated is equal to one point ($1 = 1 point), with points resetting after each round. 100% of all donations go directly to Agape regardless of tournament advancement.

Agape advances to the next round when we raise more funds than our opposition.

So we like to say the official dates are March 2 – April 6, 2018

What does this money go toward?

100% of donations goes directly to supporting Agape programs and helping us keep our lesson costs as low as possible for our families and participants.

How can YOU play?

We all know victories happen through TEAMWORK! Here are 4 easy ways you can be a critical player in leading our team to victory…


Pay close attention to the tournament, especially every Friday! Watch our matchup and remember that each round ends at 7:59PM. If we are losing, get in the game and make a donation. Click the cart and SCORE! Remember 1 point = $1 to serve children of all abilities with horses.

Free Throws = Free $$!!

Visit the Brackets for Good website and create a donor profile. Click your name after logging in and click “edit profile.” Ensure the profile is at 100% completion and you will receive a “Free Throw Code” to use. (Hit “save” and wait for the code to appear.) Copy and paste the code on the donation form where it says “free throw code” and you’ll be able to hit “continue” without adding any cash from you. This equals a $5 donation to Agape – and you didn’t even have to open your wallet! 5 points for $0 dollars – a win win win! #LidsHighFive

Score a Buzzer Beater for Us

Buzzer beaters are GAME CHANGERS!You will have the option to select your gift as a “buzzer beater”. Buzzer Beater points are points that are scored during the round but added the final instant before the round ends. When a supporter makes a donation, they have the option to turn on “Buzzer Beater” points. This schedules a second donation for the final instant of the round. Enabling this feature doubles that supporter’s donation. The first half of the donation is scored, and shows up on the scoreboard when they complete the transaction; The second half of the donation is scored in the final instant of that round.

Spirit Leaders

Spread the word about Brackets for Good and Team Agape. Email, share, post, tag, chat, and tweet all over. Show your everyone you know how much you love Team Agape. And lead the competitive giving way by giving….it’s competitive and contagious!

You can also help raise support for Agape through scoring “Bench Points” for us.

Through “Bench Points”, cash or check donations made to your organization during and in the name of the tournament can be converted into points to help your organization advance in the tournament.This encourages creative fundraising activities that attract new donors. Game-winning organizations have creatively used their participation in Brackets For Good tournaments to activate fans and generate donations outside of the Brackets For Good website to help them advance. For example: tack sale, bake sales, Fundraising dinners at local restaurants, Tournament viewing parties, etc. Bench Points allow you to convert offline donations into points to help your organization advance. Contact the barn is you want help with this!

A Message from Littlefoot

How do we (and all of our friends and family) make a donation?

This campaign is a success when everyone joins the team. $1 = 1 Point. And you win games 1 point at a time.  Every gift, no matter the size, makes an impact on the lives of our riders and their families. Agape has been responding to the needs of people with disabilities for 32 years. The demand for our therapy services and the opportunity to serve our community has never been greater. Your donations make it possible to continue to making these programs available and affordable.

  1. Go to

  2. Find Agape’s divisional bracket and click “Donate”.

  3. SCORE! You just gave us points!

Lace up your sneakers and get ready! TEAM AGAPE is in it to WIN it!!! #unbridledhoops #BFG18