Responsible for facility building and grounds repairs and maintenance. Ensures optimal functioning of building systems including mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety, and equine safety. Performs a variety of tasks.


Cicero, IN


10-12 hrs/wk


$10-18/hr, dependent upon experience

OUR VISION: Why we do what we do

We believe that lives can experience healing and joy in an environment where unconditional love and the wonderment of a horse connect, creating a haven for unbridled hope.

OUR MISSION: How we do it

Agape cultivates personal growth by strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through unique horse-facilitated experiences.


This position reports to the Business Administration Director

Daily Barn Responsibilities

  • Maintain a standard of excellence in all areas of the facility by ensuring a neat, clean, organized and safe environment for horses and people.
  • Follow, and update as necessary, the facility maintenance schedule for all equipment, facility and site-related needs.
  • Assist with implementation of work service groups as requested.
  • Oversee and manage volunteers who wish to assist with facility maintenance as necessary.

Regular Tasks


  • Vacuum barn aisle
  • Replace light bulbs
  • Drag indoor arena weekly
  • Water indoor arena weekly
  • Oversee and check on cleanliness of bathrooms, observation room, and kitchen weekly
  • Take out trash indoors weekly
  • Keep hand soap, toilet paper, and paper towels in bathrooms and kitchen stocked and filled



  • Shovel sidewalks of snow when necessary
  • Sweep sidewalks of debris and grass to keep walking areas clean
  • Trim shrubs
  • Spray weeds
  • Maintain trails
  • Maintain pastures
  • Organize materials for work groups
  • Supervise work groups
  • Maintain gazebo
  • Maintain fences
  • Drag outdoor arena as needed
  • Maintain equipment, excluding tack
    • Trucks
    • Trailers
    • Tractors
    • UTVs
    • Arena Drag
    • Tools/hardware
  • Load/unload hay as necessary to keep hay lofts stocked
  • Install in spring and winterize in fall the pond fountain
  • Maintain algae control of pond and waterfall
  • Other duties as assigned


Preferred Qualifications

    • Must be at least 18 years of age, have excellent organizational skills, personal maturity and the ability to cope with multiple tasks and challenges, and a strong desire to work as an effective team member.  Desire to gain a working knowledge in the Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy field is encouraged.
    • Personal maturity
    • Ability to work independently with integrity
    • Strong desire to work as an effective team member

Skill Proficiencies

Physically fit to handle labor


Oral/written communication skills


Attention to detail in work projects


Ability to learn


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