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  • In some cases, a horse may already be adopted in which case, we'll apply your sponsorship to begin as soon as the previous sponsorship duration is complete. Or you may select one of our horses that is not currently adopted.

    See the Agape horses.

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    To only contribute to Buckets and Bales, leave this section blank.
  • Buckets & Bales

    Horses go through lots of hay (3-4 bales a day), and several individual horses need grain or other supplements each day (bucket). These costs add up, and Agape is asking for your help.

    Support your favorite horse – buy a bale for $15 or a bucket for $20. Each donation you make will nominate the horse (or horses) of your choice as finalists for the Top 5 “Horse of the Year” finalists. The “Horse of the Year” finalists (based off who receives the most Bucket & Bale nominations) will be selected at the end of every year!

  • Please write the horse's name in this box and that horse will receive your votes for Buckets & Bales.

    See the Agape horses.

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