Each horse at Agape is required to go through a three step evaluation process before being accepted into the program.


This questionnaire will be reviewed by our horse committee to determine if we should pursue the equine further. You can find that questionnaire on our website HERE.


Step two involves a visit with Agape\’s Equine coordinator and an instructor. The horse will be evaluated for health, ground manners, manners under saddle, and general personality.


Agape requires the equine go through a 60 day trial at Agape. The equine will be allowed to adjust to the new environment and will be introduced to work as a therapy horse.

The following are guidelines for incoming horses:

  • All horses must have a negative coggins test before entering the property
  • Horse must stand quietly while tied without pulling back
  • Horses at Agape will be handled by many people every week.
  • Horses should quietly accept strange objects and sounds with minimal training.

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