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Two Horses in Agape's Field

The time has come for Agape to add another superstar to the team as we continue to change the world with horses.


This position is a key leadership role within our growing organization. The Equine Manager (EM) oversees all aspects of equine care and training for all equines at Agape (currently 28+ equines) and is responsible for overseeing that the most excellent care is provided to our herd through the development, management and administration of equine training, conditioning and health care. An equine’s satisfactory performance depends on regular exercise & training  by experienced personnel who can effectively carry out schooling and conditioning specific to the tasks/activities asked of our equines. Specific fears, sensitivities and vices of an equine should be addressed in the schooling program by the EM. The EM provides the day-to-day leadership and management of Agape’s herd to ensure that equines are in optimal condition, physically and mentally,  and trained for safe, effective and enjoyable therapeutic equine activities.

We enjoy coming to work; we love what we do. We love working with each other; we love our donors, riders and families, volunteers, and of course, our horses. We’re motivated by a larger vision, a purpose that continually pushes us to be better and grow stronger. We’re looking for someone that can not only do the job detailed below but share that same passion and drive. On top of that, we’re going to be pretty picky about your drive for excellence and service, your character, and your smarts. We have a great team and we are doing great work, so we don’t take adding a new leader to our herd lightly. Communication and organization will be crucial to doing this job well. We need a highly organized, self-directed, goal-oriented, tech-savvy, team player (that’s a lot of buzz words) committed to Agape’s mission and vision. If that sounds like something you’re looking for, read further!


Cicero, IN

*Regular travel to Agape South/Bradford Woods (Martinsville, IN)




$34-41k + Benefits


Operations Director

OUR VISION: Why we do what we do

We believe that lives can experience healing and joy in an environment where unconditional love and the wonderment of a horse connect, creating a haven for unbridled hope.

OUR MISSION: How we do it

Agape cultivates personal growth by strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through unique horse-facilitated experiences.


Equine Exercise & Schooling Responsibilities

  • Create and implement equine schooling and conditioning program that is specific to Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies and each equine
    • Regularly evaluate conditioning and schooling program for continuous improvement
  • Exercise and train every Agape equine weekly
  • Regularly monitor the physical condition and the mental attitude of each horse to determine the need for specific exercises and training
    • Check for changes in physical soundness and behavior of each equine prior to its assignment/job for the day to ensure that the equine is able to perform as needed
    • Determine if equine is suitable for daily tasks assigned as scheduled or if the equine needs to be removed and changes needed to be made to the daily schedule until soundness and/or behavior concerns are resolved
    • Communicate with respective Site Manager regarding all concerns
  • Maintain the Horse Workout Log and Horse Score Card; Update these weekly and report updates/changes to the Site Managers and Operations Director
  • Communicate with the instructional team regarding action steps for working with equines in lessons, particularly when an equine needs to be removed for a period of time due to soundness and/or behavior concerns
  • Listen to and collaborate with the instructional team regarding any concerns about equines in lessons and then work to correct the negative equine behaviors in the schooling and conditioning program
  • Oversee volunteers qualified to exercise equines in the Equisize/Schooling Program; collaborate with Volunteer Coordinator to communicate and coordinate scheduling
    • Must be able to correct and redirect volunteers in a direct but kind and professional manner
  • Communicate with Facility Manager and Barn Coordinator when there is a building or grounds concern as it pertains to equine health and safety

Equine Evaluation/Trial Period Responsibilities

  • Respond to and evaluate equine donation forms within 48 hours
  • Evaluate potential equine candidates for suitability at Agape
  • Oversee the execution and training of equines on trial at Agape, collaborating with Site Managers and Instructors
  • Manage all aspects of equine acquisition and retirement, including record keeping

Equine Operations Responsibilities

  • Oversee non-routine emergency/illness/soundness related health care and record visit in Salesforce
  • Evaluate and adjust each equine’s feed ration in collaboration with feed representative and Barn Coordinators
  • Complete the “Scorecard” portion of the dashboard monthly
  • Assist with feeding equines weekly; communicate with Barn Coordinator regarding weekly feeding schedule
  • Trailering of equines to/from veterinary appointments, equine owner’s barn, & between Agape sites when necessary
  • Financial management and administration for the equine budget, including drafting and preparing an annual budget and the exercise of budgetary controls throughout the year
  • Oversee the selection of hay vendors/hay storage facilities annually
  • Routinely fit saddles/harnesses to horses and communicate changes to the Barn Coordinator for updating the tack book
  • Work with Development and the ED for fundraising efforts
  • Work with Development and the ED for stewardship of equine donors and sponsors
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of equine-related policies and protocols
  • Collaborate with team members in planning and implementing the annual Mane Event horse show
  • Supervise and lead staff through the ‘Agape Way’ modeling servant leadership
  • Collaborate with the Facility Director to monitor and comply with safety protocols and PATH Intl. standards
  • Participate in long-term strategic planning with Agape’s leadership and Board of Directors
  • Oversee the development of volunteer trainings and materials to ensure that horse handling practices are consistent; assist with trainings as needed


Preferred Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Management, or a closely related field is preferred with significant academic and vocational experience in Equine Business or Science
  2. Significant experience in equine behavior and management is required
  3. Significant experience with PATH Intl. or a related agency such as CHA required, including respective certifications
  4. Excellent technology proficiency or ability to learn, specifically with web-based systems such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and various Social Media channels
  5. Excellent oral and written communication skills
  6. Demonstrated attention to detail and quality control in work projects


This position will provide direct support and supervision to all Agape equines

Knowledge, Skill & Abilities Required

  1. Proficiency in equine business management, riding, instruction, training, and supervision of staff is necessary
  2. Knowledge and experience in stable management, riding, training and instruction
  3. Knowledge of PATH Intl. accreditation standards and regulations
  4. Knowledge of riding equipment and proper use and fit, particularly within adaptive riding equipment
  5. Leadership and supervision strengths
  6. Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication skills
  7. Excellent organizational skills
  8. Ability to manage one’s time effectively, being able to be present with team members and equines when necessary as well as work independently (able to work together and alone)
  9. Excellent problem-solving skills and a bent towards continual growth and making things better
  10. Knowledge of training horses in a systematic, ethical manner that is fair to the horse with a preference to natural horsemanship techniques
  11. Ability to recognize a sick or injured horse and administer basic first aid
  12. Knowledge and experience with budgeting planning and administration of an equine operation
  13. Experience in development and implementation of protocol and systems for efficiency and stewardship of resources
  14. Personal maturity and ability to cope with multiple tasks and challenges required

Working Conditions: This position requires varied working conditions including sitting at a desk to do office/computer responsibilities, working in the stalls, barn, arenas and garages in all weather conditions and at all times of the day or night. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to sit at a desk in an office, use a computer, stand for up to eight hours per day; walk to all points of the facility; frequently bend, climb, reach, twist the torso, and work with repetitive arm motions below, at, and overhead. He/she may be required to wear protective gear such as gloves or masks and may be exposed to noise from equipment. He/she must be able to lift 10-35 lbs. Numerous times each day and more at times such as a bale of hay. Must be able to push and pull up to 150 lbs. Must be tolerant of continuous exposure to natural airborne allergens (dust, hay, pollen, etc.), stable odors and large animals. He/she will work both indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions. Must have a valid Driver’s license. These physical demands are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.

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