OPEN POSITION: Site Manager for Agape East in Greenfield

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Two Horses in Agape's Field

The time has come for Agape to add another superstar to the team as we continue to change the world with horses.

The time has come for Agape to add another superstar to the team as we continue to change the world with horses. This position oversees all aspects of daily programming operations at the Agape East Site in Greenfield and is responsible for overseeing that the most excellent equine-assisted services are provided to our clients through the development, management and administration of program components for therapeutic riding, horsemanship and related activities.  The Site Manager provides the day-to-day leadership and management of Agape programs to assure that participants experience the full benefits of equine based activities.  Participates in, and oversees, the instructional aspects of direct services to Agape’s program participants to ensure that programs are safe effective, enjoyable, progressive and challenging.  The Site Manager is a proactive ambassador for Agape, effectively communication our mission and the benefits of therapeutic horsemanship programs.

We enjoy coming to work; we love what we do. We love working with each other; we love our donors, riders and families, volunteers, and of course, our horses. We’re motivated by a larger vision, a purpose that continually pushes us to be better and grow stronger. We’re looking for someone that can not only do the job detailed below but share that same passion and drive. Someone who is humble and hungry to create amazing, life-changing experiences for others through partnering with horses. On top of that, we’re going to be pretty picky about your ability to lead, implement processes, and execute. We need a highly self-directed, goal-oriented, team player and leader (that’s a lot of buzz words) committed to Agape’s mission and vision.


Greenfield, IN (East)


Full-time, Exempt


Salary + Benefits $28-34,000


Operations Director

OUR VISION: Why we do what we do

We believe that lives can experience healing and joy in an environment where unconditional love and the wonderment of a horse connect, creating a haven for unbridled hope.

OUR MISSION: How we do it

Agape cultivates personal growth by strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through unique horse-facilitated experiences.


Site Management & Development

  • Manage and oversee day-to-day activities of the program and operations at the Agape East Equine Center.
  • Work with Operation’s Director (OD) to prepare and submit an annual site budget to Executive Director (ED) for review and approval, and manage annual site  budget, while reporting accurately on progress made and challenges encountered
  • Develop collaborative partnerships with like-minded organizations to expand programming and collaborate with the Program Development Director to ensure excellent services are provided to partners.
  • Assist the leadership team with building and maintaining contractual partnerships with local schools, hospitals, nursing homes, churches, etc.
  • Assist with interviewing and selection of all site specific program staff subject to the approval of the OD.
  • Plan and conduct site specific staff meetings with the OD.
  • Communicate regularly with the instructional team regarding class progress, needs, successes, & concerns.
  • Collaborate with staff from other sites for consistency and resource sharing.
  • Recommends program changes to OD to achieve goals of Agape’s strategic plan.
  • Serve, along with the OD or ED, as Agape East spokesperson.
  • Collaborate with Facility Director for ongoing site maintenance and improvement, with a focus on issues that impact equine or human safety.
  • Maint a clean and organized facility, including office, equine areas, restroom(s), tack.
  • Provide tours to guests and visitors when appropriate.
  • Remain up to date on and adhere to PATH International standards and procedures.

Program Oversight and Development

  • Oversee the implementation of daily programs for assigned site to ensure all classes are properly and safely taught and supervised according to Agape’s values including lesson facilitation, volunteer management, and equine management.
  • Supervise and lead instructors and model excellence in facilitation.
  • Oversee the enrollment, reenrollment, intakes and record keeping of all Agape clients, including groups, for assigned site; collaborate and communicate with the OD and Finance Director to ensure accurate record keeping.
  • Work with instructors to communicate progress and outcomes to partners and participants several times a year.
  • Implement program evaluation protocols as assigned and directed by the OD.
  • Ensure site  program quality assurance protocols are followed as directed by the OD at site.
  • Actively seek program/lesson input from instructors, and others in the field, for ways to improve program.
  • Actively pursue new students and community partners to recruit participants and volunteers.

Volunteer Coordination, Training and Stewardship

  • Responsible for teaching monthly Volunteer Orientations and regular Horse Handling Training.
  • Monitor volunteer skill proficiency levels and oversee ongoing skill training opportunities including volunteer development days to meet Agape’s changing needs.
  • Oversee the tracking of volunteer registration applications, annual volunteer registration form updates, Salesforce database for volunteers, name badges and hours in a consistent, organized, and accurate fashion.
  • Schedule and follow-up with volunteers to ensure that lessons have appropriate coverage.
  • Coordinate Corporate Volunteers and Work Groups with the collaboration of the Facility Director.
  • Provide volunteer appreciation activities, motivational opportunities and track feedback for volunteers, including bi-annual surveys; this includes Volunteer of the Year Nominations, Volunteer Appreciation, and other special occasions, enrichment & holidays.

Equine Responsibilities

  • Daily monitor and care for the physical condition and the mental attitude of each horse and collaborate with the equine manager to determine specific exercises and training.
    • Feed and water all equines, including the miniature horses.
    • Check for changes in physical soundness and behavior of each equine prior to its assignment/job for the day to ensure that the equine is able to perform as needed.
    • Determine if equine is suitable for daily tasks assigned as scheduled or if the equine needs to be removed and changes needed to be made to the daily schedule until soundness and/or behavior concerns are resolved.
    • Communicate with Equine Manager and OD regarding all concerns.
  • Assist with schooling horses as necessary and requested by the Equine Manager.
  • Complete regular worming, farrier, and routine veterinary visits.
  • Collaborate with the Equine Manager/OD to select preferred vendors for animal feed and health care including: bedding, hay, horse feed, cat food, farrier, vet, and other vendors and schedule regular deliveries.
  • Maintain the Equine First Aid cabinet; ensure that Equine First Aid remains stocked and adhere to all PATH Intl. standards.
  • Maintain all equine related documentation in Salesforce and update weekly.
  • Collaborate with the instructional team regarding action steps for working with equines in lessons, particularly when an equine needs to be removed for a period of time due to soundness and/or behavior concerns.

Certified Instructor/Program Facilitation Responsibilities

  • Maintain extensive knowledge of the needs served by Agape, contraindications, and effective interventions.
  • Continually monitor instructional area and enforce safety rules and procedures
  • Design and implement individualized rider lesson plans including goals and objectives (approx. 1/2 hour per assigned lesson per week).
  • Assist in conducting student assessments as needed.
  • Oversee class volunteers, providing support and education as needed, and communicating concerns to the OD.
  • Monitor and support assigned interns, regularly updating the Intern Mentor and OD.
  • Document client progress (1/2 hour per assigned lesson per week), communicating updates to caregivers and maintain rider’s files.
  • Complete incident reports as needed and provide copies to the OD.

Servant Leadership & Culture Cultivator

  • Lead by example. Be a servant-leader, always focused on how to serve your team members and clients. Place servanthood and excellence above all else.
  • Cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and learning through planning and incorporating various professional development opportunities for the program team.
  • Supervise and lead the Program Team at Agape
    • Regularly observe and coach Program Team during programming
    • Provide regular performance feedback for Program Team
    • Provide annual goal-setting evals for Program Team and recommend compensation revisions to Operations Director
    • Creates and oversees the work schedules for assigned team members.
    • Reviews time sheets of assigned team members and submits them to the Operations Director.
    • Also reviews and approves time off requests of assigned team members.
  • Upholds a high level of fiscal stewardship through engaging in financial and budgetary planning as it pertains to programs and services at Agape such as:
    • Assists the Operations Director with development of the annual budget and specifically makes recommendations for program areas of the budget.
    • Collaborate with the Executive Director to allocate, track and report grant funds related to programming; responsible for collecting results for grant-funded programs and communicating results to the development team in a timely manner
  • Fosters teamwork, trust, respect and open communication among program staff and all staff in general.
  • Foster a culture of philanthropy, modeling Agape’s philanthropic values in relationships with donors and champions of our mission.
  • Assists with and attends all Agape events and required meetings.



  1. Bachelor’s degree preferred.
  2. PATH Intl. Registered Instructor status required (at minimum).
  3. Excellent technology proficiency or ability to learn, specifically with web-based systems such as Google Drive, Salesforce, Mailchimp, and various Social Media channels.
  4. Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  5. Demonstrated attention to detail and quality control in work projects.
  6. Demonstrated ability to effectively manage multiple projects and tasks; high ability to manage time and remain flexible to meet the unexpected needs of visitors and participants.
  7. An authentic and mature relationship with Jesus Christ that is consistent in both one’s personal and professional environments.

Direct Reports

  • Barn Manager
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Instructors

Preferred Competencies

Equine knowledge and Experience


Strong interpersonal, teaching and communications skills


Excellent leadership and team building skills


Problem Solving


Able to follow through


Computer/technology proficiency (platforms such as Google Drive & Salesforce)


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  • Ronnie Patrick says:

    I would love to be able to do this! I would like to talk more about the daily operations if that is possible. I have years of experience as a leader in the United States Army in combat and garrison environments. I am a strong believer in Christ and I am currently enrolled at Indiana Wesleyan Univeristy studying Christian Ministries.

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