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OPEN POSITION: Stable Assistant (part-time)

By November 9, 2014Careers
Silhouette of Jim the horse in Agape's barn
Stable Assistants work closely with the Barn Manager and Facility Manager to maintain our horse lots and barn, as well as feeding our herd and monitoring their general health and soundness. Stable Assistants are critical to our team by helping ensure that we provide the best experience for our riders, families, schools and, of course, our horses.


Cicero, IN


Varies btw. 10-20 hrs/wk



OUR VISION: Why we do what we do

We believe that lives can experience healing and joy in an environment where unconditional love and the wonderment of a horse connect, creating a haven for unbridled hope.

OUR MISSION: How we do it

Agape cultivates personal growth by strengthening the mind, body, and spirit through unique horse-facilitated experiences.


This position will reports to the Barn Manager.

Daily Barn Responsibilities

  • Feed and water all equines, including the miniature horses.
  • Clean stall beds daily and replace bedding as necessary.
  • Inspect equines for general health and soundness daily and report any concerns to the Barn Manager.
  • Clean up  the manure in each of lot daily.
  • Empty trash containers in the barn.
  • Sweep the barn aisle.
  • Clean water troughs weekly.
  • Administer medication when necessary according to the feed chart.

Role Expectations

  • Maintain a standard of excellence in all areas of the facility by ensuring a neat, clean, organized and safe environment for horses and people.
  • Communicate regularly and effectively with Agape staff, primarily the Barn Manager.
  • Must be reliable and trustworthy.
  • Have a positive attitude and a mentality of customer service and above reproach stewardship.


Preferred Qualifications

  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must have an Indiana driver’s license
  • Must have basic technology skills and proficiencies
  • Must have basic experience with horses
  • Knowledge of equine health, wellness, and training
  • Personal maturity
  • Ability to work independently with integrity
  • Strong desire to work as an effective team member

Skill Proficiencies

Computer/database proficiency


Oral/written communication skills


Attention to detail in work projects


Ability to learn


For general questions/comments, reply below; otherwise…   Apply today


  • Diana Biggs says:

    Hello ,Has this position been filled? If not I would love to work and be a part of your organization!!.
    I’m a older woman with a wonderful love for horses and people, And I think I would be a definite plus to your staff! I live in the Noblesville area not far from your facilities. Please get back to me at your convenience, Thank You, Diana Biggs”);

    • Amanda Bocik says:

      Hi Diana,

      Thank you for your interest in serving Agape! Our Stable Assistant position is one that we keep open at all times. We currently do not have a paid position open for this role, but we may in the future. Please feel welcome to apply and if a paid opportunity opens we will be in touch. You are always more than welcome to come visit our facility and learn more about us. Thanks!

  • Julie says:

    Hello Amanda,

    Do you need a stable assistant for the summer? My daughter is Animal Sciences/Pre-Vet at Purdue. She is looking for opportunities to have more large animal contact. I know she is submitting an internship application for equine care/training, and wondered if she should apply for this as well?

    • Amanda Bocik says:

      Hi Julie,

      At this time we are not sure what our Stable Assistant opportunities will look like during the summer. This is a rolling position that we keep open at all times. I would encourage her to apply if she is interested and then when we have an opening we can contact her. Thanks!

  • dhemphill67 says:

    I’m trying to apply for the job at Bradford Woods n it wont bring up the application. So if u can send it to my email that would be great. Thank You for your time Deb Hemphill.

  • Sydney surette says:

    Hi, I am already a volunteer at a Agape therapeutic riding center in Cicero, I was wondering if having a drivers license was required in order to get the job, because I already have my learners permit. I have so much fun volunteering at Agape and I would love to take it one step further. Of course I would still like to keep my Wednesday volunteering position, I just love those kids so much. Agape is really a great place.

  • Abby says:

    Hello! I am very interested in this position! I am a junior in HS and I help with the FIATS kids at my school. I have been in love with horses my whole life and have taken lessons 3 times before. I was just wondering that if I was to apply and work, would I have the ability to be with the horses and or the kids. I love spending my time with kids with special needs. And I love riding and spending time with horses. I think this would be a fantastic experience!

  • Tori R says:

    Hello! My name is Tori Reimschisel and I’m a sophomore at Asbury University. I used to be a rider at Agape and am now pursuing a minor in Equine Studies with the hope of becoming certified in Animal Assisted Therapy after college. I’m home in Central Indiana for the summer break and I applied for a stable assistant job, but don’t know how soon to expect to hear back. Is there a time frame for application review? Thanks so much!!! I’d REALLY love to come be a part of what you guys are doing!

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