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“Recently Butterbean gave a ride to an individual who had suffered a spinal cord injury, causing her to be a quadriplegic.  Having grown up with horses, she did everything from jumping to reining and contesting.  She had not been on a horse since her injury and wasn’t sure if it was even possible to ride again.  She was a little nervous during mounting because she could not support her weight, but she was able to sit up with the help of two side walkers and balance using the handle of the surcingle.

As soon as we got into the arena she started saying ‘I love you Butterbean,’ and thanking him for being so wonderful, while tears were welling up in her eyes.  She told us she felt ‘normal’ again.  It was a magical day for her!

(And for everyone else involved!)  Butterbean was a champ!”

We are blessed with incredible horses.  Read more about them here.

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  • Shelly Siek says:

    I had the privilege of working with this rider. As we entered the arena I literally got goose bumps! To be a part of this just gave me an overwhelming feeling of both gratitude and satisfaction that I was helping someone achieve the joy they once had in horse riding. Butterbean was so patient and so well behaved which helped make the experience that much better. Both horse and rider just clicked, and I felt like she and I did as well. Hands down this was the most poignant and rewarding hour I have served at Agape. This day truly displayed what Agape is all about. I would love to work with her and Butterbean again should the opportunity arise.

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