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Taking Care in Business

Stephanie Amick talks with Taking Care of Business, a podcast that highlights On this week’s episode, Vicki talks with Stephanie Amick of Agape Therapeutic Riding Resources, a nonprofit organization that offers life-changing experiences by bringing people and horses together.

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Perceptions About Disability

Many of the misconceptions about disability come from non-disabled people projecting their beliefs about disability onto us. They develop these beliefs based on what they see when they look at us, and how that makes them feel. It’s common in society to pity disabled people, to think we can’t accomplish anything. We are seen as weak people with tragic lives. This leads to being inspired by us when we do everyday things, and non-disabled people being seen as heroes for helping us. I am not an inspiration simply for going out in public disabled. People do not need to feel

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Language Surrounding Disability

The language we use can affect the way things are perceived. Historically, disability has been seen as negative, and disabled people have been seen as worthless. Though this is beginning to change, many of the words we use today to describe something as inferior were once medical terms to label disabled people. Most disabled people back then were shut away in institutions, and therefore not commonly seen out in the world. Being a rarity in society leads to judgment. This judgment has affected the modern language surrounding disability, leading to phrases like “suffers from” and “wheelchair bound.” A person does

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Judy Heumann and the Disability Rights Movement

The disability rights movement is an important part of this country’s history that is rarely discussed, even though 20% of the population live with some form of disability, and anyone can become disabled at any time. Judy Heumann, a decades-long leader in this movement, just passed away on March 4th. Judy Heumann was often referred to as the “mother” of the disability rights movement. She spent her entire life fighting for access and against discrimination. She was instrumental in getting landmark disability legislation passed, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of

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What Does Disability Awareness Mean?

As an Agape volunteer who is disabled, I was given this opportunity to write about disability related topics each week of March for Disability Awareness Month. This week I am focusing on what disability awareness means to me, living with my own unique combination of disabilities. There are many different types of disabilities, and every disabled person’s experience is different. When I am out in the world as a wheelchair user, the thing that inhibits me the most is a general lack of awareness in society. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is helpful, but it is not enough. For

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