In memory of Carson

Carson: Farewell Good Friend

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Our dear friends, we must share with you some heartbreaking news. On Dec. 2 in the evening, one of our beloved horses passed away suddenly. Carson, a horse that joined our program at the beginning of this year and quickly won over all who worked with him, was humanely euthanized by the veterinary team at Janssen’s when it was determined that no treatments would save him.

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Our Re-Opening Plan

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We are excited to share with you all our plan to resume serving our community. Although things are going to look different, we are committed to continuing to provide high-quality equine-assisted lessons. Agape’s Phases of Safely Resuming Programming are

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Rosie, the miniature horse, standing by a red barn

In Memory of Rosie

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Rosie has been woven into the fabric of Agape almost since the beginning. That is why, in this time of great difficulty already, it brings us immense sorrow to share with you that Rosie has been laid to rest. Late in March, Rosie developed a severe case of laminitis in all four hooves. Despite icing her feet three times a day, keeping her in a deeply bedded stall, and giving her anti-inflammatory medications twice a day, there was no improvement in Rosie’s condition. For this reason, we made the difficult decision to humanely euthanize her.

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[Video] COVID-19 Update 2

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Greetings from the barn.  With so much unsettled these days, I am sharing the following video update on the state of Agape.  I invite you to take a few minutes to hear not only what’s been happening these past weeks, but also to hear my heart for Agape, our dedicated staff, amazing riders, and broader supportive community.  

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COVID-19 Update 1

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In times of uncertainty such as this, we see the best of our community emerge. We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all of you who have asked, “How can I help?” in the midst of this COVID-19 crisis. We have taken time to pause and pivot our plans for the year, and we want to update you about how COVID-19 has impacted the way we can serve you, as well as let you know ways you can help. This is long, but please stay with us.

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The difference between fearless and courageous

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You might want to get your tissues ready for this one. You see, sometimes life can be pretty challenging for some of our riders. Home, or school, or both may be more stressful than safe. Life may be pretty uncertain from one day to the next. The challenges and the hurts of daily life show up at the barn and often presents itself in fear and timidity. But then they find a safe place in a horse… and that’s when they find their courage.

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How one little pony helped 12 women change their outlook on life

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You know the term ‘Fun-Sized?’ That’s our little Welsh pony, River! At 12.2 hands tall, he is our smallest riding horse, but there is a whole lot of personality in that tiny palomino body. Just ask anyone that partners with him during group lessons at Agape South. Our lead group programming instructor, Linda Hazzard, loves including River in lessons. She says, “You know how much I love that little pony! He is a great teacher, and when you do it right, he joins right up and is your best bud.”

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