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Participant Registration

Complete your registration

Paperwork is not fun but is necessary for us to provide services. Here are some things to know:
  • PATH standards require paperwork be updated annually in its entirety, including Physician Releases. If your paperwork is out of date, Agape reserves the right to not allow you to ride until updated paperwork is received.
  • It is imperative that paperwork be submitted at least a week prior to services for Agape to review.
  • Even if paperwork is completed, Agape reserves the right to determine if the participant can be served, for the safety of the participant, horse, and volunteers. PATH Standards note specific health conditions that are contraindicated for riding and others that are precautionary. A team member will follow up if this applies to you.
  • Out of respect for our horses, please share an accurate weight. Agape does have a weight limit policy and each horse has a max weight they can safely carry. A team member will follow up if we feel that we are not able to serve you in a mounted lesson and offer groundwork if appropriate.
  • The Physician Release must be completed in its entirety by a family physician or specialist who is knowledgeable about rider’s diagnosis. Make sure ALL areas are completed, dated, and signed by a physician. You will NOT be able to participate in mounted lessons if this form is incomplete OR if it is not received prior to scheduled services. Please confirm that Agape received your physician’s release form before starting services. Agape’s fax number is: 317-984-9103