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Introducing the Pint-sized Dynamic Duo | Thomas & Jitterbug

His physical therapist noticed it right away. “He has much more hip strength,” she said. Meet Thomas. You might first notice his tiny walker, complete with Hawaiian license plate, but you’ll quickly see his smile. You just can’t help but smile when he smiles, or laugh when he laughs. He is a tiny ray of sunshine and at four years old, one of our youngest riders. He’s also one of our newest riders. His mom, Mary Kate, drives him from Lafayette each week for his lesson, a trip she says she’s glad to make. “I see him using his legs

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How far do the lessons learned from the saddle travel?

Everyday Agape instructors and horses zone in on teaching skills that strengthen someone’s life not only when they are in the saddle, but more importantly the skills they need to grow in every area of their life. While the goals vary from person to person depending on the challenges that one is facing – whether it’s communication skills, processing skills, coping with emotions, or even motor skills – the ultimate mission is that each participant that comes to our barn leaves better equipped with what they need to thrive in their world outside of the barn. We often battle the misconception

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