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An Agape Partner Story: Lawrence Central

Agape East has the great fortune to work with Lawrence Central High School in an ongoing equine-assisted learning partnership. During these classes, curriculum is used that teaches students valuable life-skills such as building trust, working together, and effective communication. When the students enter the barn, their excitement and joy is palpable. They can hardly wait to sit down and find out what we are learning about that day. We always start in the classroom with a discussion regarding that day’s topic and how it can relate to ourselves, and to working with our horses. The students are then brought into the

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Help Us Grow Agape East During Match Day Sept. 30 – Oct. 1!

What if you could personally help a child go from struggling to smiling with the help of horses?   That’s what’s happening at Agape East in Hancock County.  Agape East serves 65 children and adults with disabilities each week. This week, I watched an excited group of students as they groomed horses. There were plenty of squeals of delight, laughter, and lots of smiles. Some of the students were non-verbal, but they said plenty through their massive grins.  Later, an elated rider and her mom arrived early for their lesson to give one of the instructors a special gift as

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