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A Special Note from Our Executive Director

There are so many great moments in our 35 year history where Agape stepped out in faith and God was faithful in leading the organization into a new exciting season. Every one of our defining moments has required sacrifice and has been driven by a desire to be good stewards of the mission of this organization and its founder, while serving people with unconditional love.

I’m so thankful those steps of faith were taken and you know what, we can’t stop now. There is more to do, more people to serve and lives to change. Right now we have over 120 people on our waiting list to be served between our two locations.

Our organization is growing and the demand is greater than ever for equine-assisted services.

From kids, to students, to adults and seniors, we continue to serve over 250 individuals each week. We’re training up new leaders, mental health professionals, volunteers and instructors to meet these needs. As long as there are people waiting to be served, we have work to do.

There are few things holding us back.

In our current Cicero facility we only have one indoor riding arena. We don’t have adequate pasture for our horses. We have limited space to meet the demands for additional mental health services.

We need a new home.

A location that allows us to create a solution to serve more people. It’s time for us to move. This vision and dream started 7 years ago. Our leadership and Board has been praying about this and planning for a long time, and, though I love our Cicero location, we’ve outgrown it.

We know it’s time for us to expand.

And we’re committed to continue to do everything we can to keep our organization strong and well funded.

We are on the verge of another defining moment for Agape that will help us serve for another
35 years and beyond.

Here is what we want to see done through Agape.

We’re praying the Lord will provide $14 million dollars over the next two years, to build a new facility that will help us serve more children and adults with disabilities, grief, trauma and mental health struggles through horse-facilitated experiences.

Through a generous partnership, Agape has secured the iconic Stonycreek Farm property in Noblesville off of SR 38. What does this new center look like? Well, it will look a lot like Agape at our Cicero location. It will be warm, inviting, easier to find, a nature sanctuary for families to find hope and healing, something a bit nontraditional with ample space for our horses to roam. We are so excited to preserve this beloved 47-acre agricultural area while expanding our capabilities to better serve the community. 

The vision for this property includes:

But the Beyond the Barn vision is more than a barn and new facility.

We also see this as an extremely important opportunity to serve our community and grow together in generosity. I’m confident we can provide more life-changing experiences with horses, help more people experience unbridled hope, and unlock their potential. 

It’s time. We’re ready to grow. It’s time to take this next great step of faith together.

We’re calling it Beyond the Barn because we know Agape means “unconditional love” and we remain committed to that original dream and vision of helping people through horses and being a place of hope and healing that starts with lessons at the barn and carries with you for a lifetime well Beyond the Barn. 

There will be more information coming on how you can get involved, but if you’d like to learn more I’d love to treat you to coffee and share the full details.  

In the meantime, please join us in praying for this legacy project that will bring transformational change to central Indiana and impact the lives of those at Agape and beyond. 

Love & Prayers, 

Stephanie Amick
Executive Director

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