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There is a growing need to address the mental health crisis as more and more adults and children struggle with various mental health diagnoses. Although Agape, itself, is not a mental health provider, we partner with other organizations and professionals to ensure that we provide quality care to those we serve alongside our horses.

Equine-Assisted Mental Health Services

Equine Assisted Mental Health is an interactive process in which a licensed mental health professional works alongside an equine specialist and horses to work towards meeting the clients’ therapy goals. Most often these sessions are ground based, however there may be times when mounted activities are incorporated. The horse’s sensitivity to subtle changes and their non judgmental feedback makes them perfect partners for therapy sessions. Horses are social beings, much like humans, and within their herds you can observe various communication and social dynamics. Participants are able to practice the skills needed to build healthy relationships with the humans in their lives through building healthy relationships with our horses. Agape partners with various mental health organizations and residential treatment centers for adults and children. 

Common Benefits

Horses help these individuals:


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