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Facility Assistant

The Facility Assistant plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation and maintenance of Agape’s East Facility. This position requires a blend of practical skills, organizational ability, and interpersonal communication to effectively support the facility’s weekly activities. From routine maintenance tasks to assisting with administrative duties, the Facility Assistant is instrumental in creating a safe, functional, and pleasant environment for staff, visitors, and horses.

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Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

The time has come for Agape to add more superstar instructors to the team as we continue to change the world with horses. The Instructor role is the heart of our growing organization and is essential for providing quality services to our participants. In addition to remaining up to date and adhering to PATH International standards and procedures, the instructor oversees all aspects of classes. Agape offers therapeutic riding, equine assisted learning, and mini-visit off-site opportunities. Responsibilities include lesson planning, set up, participant oversite, volunteer support, equine management within classes, and recording of goal progress. In addition to teaching responsibilities, part time instructors will also attend team meetings and Agape events as needed.

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