Greetings from the barn.  With so much unsettled these days, I am sharing the following video update on the state of Agape.  I invite you to take a few minutes to hear not only what’s been happening these past weeks, but also to hear my heart for Agape, our dedicated staff, amazing riders, and broader supportive community.

Thank you to all of you who have sent notes, emails, texts and donations – and who have told me you are praying for us.  We are praying for you, specifically, that the Lord will protect you and your family.  Let us all walk in faith, and in God’s peace that passes understanding.

Grace and peace,

Stephanie Amick
Executive Director

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  1. I’m so very proud to be a volunteer at Agape. I’ll wait as long as I have to! Thank you for this beautiful message. It was encouraging and inspiring. As a director (IU Tennis Center), many depend on our programs and services as well, as do our staff for their wages and your words hit home in a lot of ways. Thank you again. Prayers until this ends.

  2. Very well done Stephanie! This is a very hard time for so many. Agape is well served by your leadership!

    Keep washing hands, keep 6 ft distance, keep smiling and KEEP THE FAITH.

    Happy to serve however needed.


  3. Dear Stephanie and Agape,

    Thanks for the beautiful video.
    Sending prayers to you and all at Agape.

    Mary Ann Snelson

  4. Nicely done video. Thank you for requesting prayer, and giving glory to God through this challenging time of life.

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