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A Par for the Horse Hole-in-One

I know exactly what you are thinking. It’s that question that keeps you up at night. That question that no matter how many sheep you count seems to always be on your mind. You know…that question of what do you get when you combine 22 sponsors, 30 amazing volunteers, and 100 golfers?

The answer isn’t exactly clear until you experience Agape’s annual Par for the Horse golf outing for yourself! This year, Agape’s annual Par for the Horse golf outing was June 6th, a day that turned out to be one of the prettiest days of summer so far. With generosity and kindness in the air, Agape raised an amazing $31,000! $31,000 translates to 180 hours of therapeutic riding lessons, which is AWESOME!

Something else super cool about Par for the Horse is that it spreads the word about the miracles that happen at Agape. During the day, one cart of golfers stopped as they passed me and a gentleman said, “I just heard about what Agape does! My wife teaches special needs children. I can’t wait to tell her about this place!”

Overall, Agape had a fantastic day and the best part about it was how everyone came together. Golfers, sponsors, volunteers, staff – everyone.  YOU are the reason the day was so perfect and thousands of smiles are going to happen because of this day. So a BIG thank you goes out to everyone involved. You are the reason Agape touches so many hearts and lives. You are the reason Agape can continue to exist. Seriously, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

A special thank you to the following sponsors:


~ Cassie Craft and the Agape Team

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