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A Part of Something Miraculous

“I DID IT!!!”

It’s a phrase that is teamed up with glimmering eyes and a smile that could melt Antarctica.  It’s also a phrase that, most of the time, could never be uttered without the help of our faithful volunteers…without YOU. The time I spent as a volunteer at Agape changed my life.  Volunteerism in general will do that for a person, but seeing miracles first hand is something pretty unique to Agape.

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Have you ever seen a person confined to a wheelchair find complete freedom mounted on a 1600 pound horse?  You might if you side walk with him, giving him the confidence by your presence alone.

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Or have you witnessed a raging little girl find peace when she’s at the barn because her horse offers big, fuzzy, nonjudgmental ears to listen?  You might if you assist in handling that horse, letting him know he’s not in danger while his little girl works things out.

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At Agape, we are committed to continually developing our volunteers through training, time and building relationships. Whether your passion is working with our students, maintaining the barn and facilities, fundraising, office work…we will find the position that is perfect for you so you are fulfilled in how you offer your time, treasure and talent.

Being a part of something bigger, something miraculous, is what volunteering at Agape is all about.  Volunteering at Agape changes lives – it changes our riders and it changes you.  Volunteering at Agape gives you the chance to offer others unbridled hope.

Have you encouraged others – your friends, family, and coworkers – to participate in volunteering? Have you been a part of something miraculous lately?

If so, tell us by commenting on this blog. And help us spread the word by sharing so that others can participate in this journey with us.

~Rachel Royston, Volunteer Trainer and Instructor


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