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What does 29 years of horse assisted services make?

Question: What does 21 acres, 2 locations, 22 horses, hundreds of weekly volunteers, and thousands of riders over 29 years make?

Answer: A whole lotta awesomeness and a little bit of wear and tear.

Agape-ExteriorSo here’s the bottom line: We need your help sprucing up the place. Agape started in 1986 at our Bradford Woods location. In 1994, we opened the doors to our Cicero location, and by 1998, the barn that you have come to know and love was completed. And while we’re proud of the job we’ve done keeping it safe and reliable, the time has come, as it always does, to tackle some expected updates, repairs, and replacements. Here are some of the areas that need some love… like, soon.

FENCING | $25,000: It was quite a day when I turned onto Mt. Pleasant Road only to find our beloved Sandy munching down on the neighbor’s grass. I also wish that I could tell you that this has only happened once. Instead, I have to share that not a week goes by that Luke doesn’t have to fix some part of the fence. While paint keeps it looking beautiful, 17 years of weather and horses has left it unsound and potentially hazardous. Thankfully, $14,500 of this goal has already been generously provided. We need your help to raise the remaining $10,500.

ARENA HEATERS & AC | $15,000: We’ve been fortunate to serve our riders, families, and partners year-round, keeping them comfortable regardless of the weather. However, after nearly 20 years, our arena heaters expelled their last breath of warm air this past winter. A $10,000 donation has already been designated for this replacement, leaving us $5,000 away from a warm winter.

ARENA DRAGONS | $5000: Now we’re no sissies, but dragging an arena everyday by hand with a rake – let me tell you – is not easy or efficient. But, it is an important chore that helps keep dust down during lessons. So, for now, we do this everyday until we’re able to purchase arena dragons that are compatible with our equipment. Our stable assistants will be forever grateful:)

SEPTIC SYSTEM | $15,000: Funny story: Just two hours before our rider Christmas party last December, we experienced a clogging, and overflowing, and then a corresponding smell that was… let’s just say… unpleasant. Although panicked, we were able to get our system pumped less than an hour before the party and no one ever knew! Trust us – this is one system you don’t want failing on you. The septic at Agape was installed in the 1980s. That said, it is nearing replacement.

PADDOCK FOOTING | $6000: After 6 years and an unusually wet summer, our horses’ paddock footing is in need of some maintenance. These dry lot footings are essential to our horses’ basic well-being and health. Rain, hoof traffic, and the freeze and thaw of winter has taken its toll on the quality of our paddock footing.

Now, I’m sure you’ve been doing the math in your head as you go, but you can see, tackling these facility challenges will be no small feat. The total cost of repairs needed is $190,550. Thankfully, we’re well on our way with 47% ($89,000) of the total goal having been raised so far, leaving $101,550.

You are our champion. Because of you, we have been able to provide hope and improve the lives of thousands of riders and families for nearly 30 years. Will you help us reach our goal, to make these necessary updates and repairs, to be part of the legacy of Agape?

Giving is easy for you through our secure online giving

Thank you for giving. Thank you for being a champion. We are forever grateful.

Amanda Bocik, Executive Director
P.S. Don’t forget that all donations made to Agape are tax deductible.



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