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Taking Unbridled Hope On The Road

They were sitting quietly, basking in the sun-filled courtyard, waiting patiently for Prince and Smokey to arrive. As we led the two minis in, the room was suddenly filled with chatter and excitement. Some were hesitant to say hello, while some eagerly pushed their walkers out of the way. Suddenly conversations about horses, family farms, and animals filled the air. We made our way around the courtyard so that everyone had a chance to get close. Some simply wanted to stroke their soft coats, some brushed their wiry manes, while others just observed. The joy was palpable, and the social interactions were tangible. They sent the horses off with a fond farewell, filled with unbridled hope that they’d see them again soon.

We are excited to share that Prince, Smokey, and the rest of the mini herd will soon have some new transportation in Cicero. With the completion of our Drive to Ride campaign last fall, plus a recent grant award from the Seabury Foundation, we will be able to purchase a much-needed new truck and trailer for these minis. With reliable new transportation, we will be out and about spreading unbridled hope far and wide! Thank you to ALL of our champions who supported this effort!


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