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The Impact of Being Impactful

We all have places, people, and events in our life that impact us.  These people, places, and events don’t just impact us for a moment but they impact us for a lifetime and become a part of us.  They affect who we are and why we do the things we do, and they even support and keep us going at our most difficult moments.

At Agape, we strive to make an impact on everyone who comes our way: the riders, volunteers, staff, donors and even visitors just passing through.  This impact is created by everyone involved at Agape working together and focusing on our main mission.  Sometimes we forget that our involvement is what makes Agape possible and it is what makes our impact possible.  If you think about how Agape has impacted your own personal life, hopefully memories of smiles, good friends, and beautiful horses come streaming into your mind.  This impact on your life was made possible by simple involvement of individuals such as being a volunteer, mucking stalls, or even participating in Drive to Ride.

Brookside Raises Money for Agape
Kids from Brookside Elementary raised money for Agape’s Drive to Ride campaign

The impact Agape has on you as an individual is also reciprocated to others based simply on your involvement.  Basically, the more you put into this place, the more everyones’ lives are impacted.  Here at Agape, we truly live out the concept of “paying it forward.”  A great example of this would be our third grade Brookside IPS school that has come to Agape once a week for the past six weeks.  They came in with an envelope of money to donate to Drive to Ride.  Their teacher told us the students did this all on their own.  Their experience at Agape encouraged them to support others to ensure they have amazing experiences as well.  Brookside’s third grade class recognized the impact Agape had on them and did their best to spread that impact.  Right now, you have the opportunity to spread your impact by participating in Drive to Ride.  Creating a fundraising profile is easy and we encourage people to shoot for a goal of $200.  That can be done by asking 10 people for $20 or 20 people for $10, however you want to break it up is fine.

We just want to encourage our AWESOME Agape community to get involved with this and spread our impact to others that may not be as familiar with Agape.  This fundraiser allows us to subsidize lesson cost along with offer scholarships.  Take the challenge and be a participant inDrive to Ride; and next time you are at Agape or talking about Agape to others, remember, what you’re doing and who you’re interacting with, truly does make a HUGE impact.

Cassie Craft, Donor Relations       


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