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Why we “Drive to Ride”

On March 1st we kicked off our 2nd annual “Drive to Ride” campaign, one of Agape’s main fundraising events.  “Drive to Ride” is aptly named.  Our participants demonstrate drive, determination, and courage every day regardless of their challenges, life experiences, or obstacles.  It is our mission to support their efforts and, through D2R you can be part of their amazing journey as well.

Trisha Gardener and mom riding together
A rider and her mother having some good ‘ole Agape fun together!

Our goal this year is to raise $18,000, which is equivalent to the cost of 106  hours of lessons at Agape. Contributions to D2R help support Agape programming for over 1,400 individuals in central Indiana.  These individuals, living, working, and attending school in our community, are miracles, survivors, and blessings to each of us.  On any given day at Agape you might meet a four-year old girl overcoming the social challenges of autism, a thirteen year old boy recovering from a history of trauma and neglect, or a ninety-four year old woman able to share memories with a family she hasn’t recognized for months.  Their “drive to ride” is an inspiration and we look forward to a phenomenal adventure at their side.

Please consider joining D2R with Agape this year. You can learn more through our Give page or our special D2R site.  You can also download our participant packet here.  You can also give to D2R and help us reach our goal to raise enough support for 106 hours of lessons this year.

Trisha Egleson, Program Director


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