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You’re Invited!|The Mane Event, Agape’s First Annual Horse Show


When our students ride their horses, the possibilities are limitless.  They can face any obstacle in the arena without hesitation because their partner- their horse- is there to face it with them and carries them through it.  The skills students practice in the arena aren’t just useful for riding, they also apply to everyday life.

Therapeutic riding helps with confidence, fine motor skills, communication and social skills, and more.   For many of our students, they are the only one in their family who gets to take riding lessons.  It makes them special, and gives them their own activity that they are proud to be involved in.

That’s why Agape is hosting its first annual horse show, The Mane Event.  It will be a special day for our riders to showcase their horsemanship skills for their families, friends and volunteers.  

“We wanted to give our riders something to work toward and something to be proud of,” said Emily Padgett, Agape Groups Coordinator, Instructor and horse show organizer.  “It’s been very exciting to watch our riders prepare for the big day, The Mane Event!”

Come cheer on your favorite equestrians this Saturday, May 2, starting at 10:00 a.m. at Agape in Cicero.  There will be food, fun and of course ribbons for each of our riders.  While you’re here, dress up the miniature horses, play on the playground, take a walk around our peaceful grounds, play ring-toss on our “cow’s” horns, take home your own Agape apparel and even get your picture taken with a real cowboy!  Lunch is provided for riders, and concessions will be available for purchase on site for spectators.  (Pets, smoking and alcohol are prohibited on Agape grounds.)

Emily adds, “My hope is that each rider feels extra special on Saturday because they are all amazing individuals who deserve a chance to shine while doing what they love.

It’s sure to be a great time, and we hope to see you there!

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