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Love & Grace at Agape

In 2013, Agape served 1,401 riders.  As of the end of July, just halfway through 2014, we served over 1,566 riders and gave 3,687 lessons! WOW!! Expanding to Bradford Woods has been a HUGE success.  We had a crazy busy summer, but it was amazing and recently we took a moment to remember what we do and why.

On August 22nd, nearly 100 people came out to Agape South at Bradford woods to eat, play games, watch lessons, and most importantly, take a moment to enjoy and relax.  Volunteer, Bern Lytle, did an amazing job leading us in prayer and reminding us of the everyday miracles that occur at Agape.

Children who cannot see with their physical eyes, but we can see their big smiles and hear their infectious laughter as they revel in the pleasure of riding and controlling a big horse.

A teen girl who has been deeply violated, learning to trust and to love again because of the growing connection of her  wounded spirit with a gentle horse.

A child with autism, unable to speak to his parents and those he loves, who begins to open up and talk by speaking the words, “Walk on!” to an Agape horse.

A senior citizen in an adult day care home, who is unable to remember much at all, because of the ravages of dementia, lights up with joy as he gently grooms a mini horse, and all of a sudden stories flow about childhood days growing up with the horses on the family farm.

A man with terminal cancer who gets to check off a big wish on his bucket list to ride a horse one more time before he leaves this life.”

In short, Agape is truly a haven for unbridled hope.  Everyday, we are reminded of these very common and very special moments that happen at Agape.  God has chosen us to be instruments for his powerful love and grace.  I challenge you to continue to be an instrument of Christ in the Agape community as a rider, a volunteer, or supporter.  If you are already one of these roles, challenge yourself to cross over to be more than just one role, and maybe even one day, you could be all three!

~ Cassie Craft

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