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Gratitude for our faithful volunteers

2013 concluded our 27th year! Wow. What began as a dream for Cheryl and Dawn Miller in the mid 1980’s has grown into a beautiful and marvelous charity with 19 horses, 15 full- and part-time staff members, and YOU- more than 250 weekly volunteers helping us serve more than 1,400 people. Wow. But this is only because of you – our volunteers.

Our name means “unconditional love” and this is our great and special purpose. We feel that the result of serving our riders through the wonderment and connection of a horse creates a strength and a hope that lasts far beyond one’s time at Agape. We have the honor and privilege of seeing our participants leave each week with what we call an “unbridled hope” for their future.

One of my heroes in life is Mother Teresa and she once said, “Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love.” Thank you for dedicating your hands to serving our riders and your hearts to loving them well. You – are changing Agape. You – are changing our community. And you – have changed me. Thank you!

Amanda Bocik


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